Tomorrow's Harvest is an organic cricket farm based in Vermont.  We raise and harvest organic crickets for human consumption.  We are currently farming in a space which allows us to supply small quantities.  However, we are working to move to a larger facility in order to fulfill the rapidly growing demand for product, and start the first, full-scale cricket farm in Vermont.  Tomorrow's Harvest Protein Powder is currently for sale via the online shop! Whole, frozen crickets will be added very soon. 


Shortly after our first child was born, we became really serious about eating healthfully.  Upon much research, we were awakened to how broken our current food system is and how it's harming our bodies and the planet. The negatives impact of factory farming is most concerning.  We want our family to have access to healthy protein sources and, unfortunately, the ability to obtain this from meat is becoming increasingly challenging.  

We believe that we deserve to have access to an alternative source of protein that can both fulfill our dietary needs and aid in the sustainability of our planet.  So, we started an organic human-grade cricket farm with this mission in mind.  We plan to supply whole crickets and cricket powder on both wholesale and retail levels.  Furthermore, we want to help change the image of entomophagy by educating people on how to use crickets in recipes so that they can reap all the health benefits without altering the flavor of good-tasting food!  The powder, especially, is an extremely versatile ingredient and we have a lot of yummy ideas so, reach out if you're in need of some!


Steve, Jen, Cole, Stella

Steve, Jen, Cole, Stella

The State of Vermont, more than any other state, is positioned to be a perfect launching pad for this food revolution.  Crazy ideas like knowing where our food comes from and embracing the fight against climate change are welcome here.  Vermont has also recently established itself as a powerhouse in the food and beverage arena.  What better way to wash down that delicious fried cricket than with a Heady Topper (or something from Hill Farmstead…or Lawsons…or any of the other amazing beers from Vermont).  How about cricket-flour bread with some Bayley Hazen Blue?  And you know Ben and Jerry are going to come up with some crazy cricket ice cream.  In keeping with this tradition of excellence, we want to produce nothing but the best crickets possible, which is why we whole-heartedly embrace our place, here in Vermont.

This is the beginning of a fundamental shift in the way we eat.  We can no longer allow our diets to be decided for us by giant corporations driven only by profit.  It's time to become laser-focused on the future of our health and the health of the planet.  Want to be part of the solution?  All you have to do is take one bite. We promise to raise quality, earth-friendly, organic protein that you can feel good about feeding to your family and we thank you for your involvement and your support!

With sincere thanks,

The Swanson Family