Happy 2017!

Happy 2017!  We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season and is off to a positive start in this new year!  We've been busy, busy over here and wanted to share a couple of updates with you all.

  • The Associated Press came to interview us a couple of months ago for an article they were composing regarding the cricket industry.  We welcomed them into the Farm and into our kitchen for some discussion, education and, of course, taste testing.  Once the artcle was released, shortly after the holidays, we were thrilled to see it picked up by various publications and news venues all over the world!  So far, we've seen the article everywhere from our local newspapers to the Chicago Tribune, CNBC, Singapore News and Japan Today, among others!  Here's a link to the article via CNBC.com.  It's a quick but good read about the cricket industry and also includes interview excerpts from some our fellow business owners.  
  • We just added a new recipe to our website: Flourless Banana Protein Pancakes.  This recipe is basically a variation of the paleo-friendly pancakes but with the addition of cricket protein powder.  These came out so delicious that we actually had to cut our two toddlers off after a while (and they are definitely our harshest critics!).  Best part is, between the eggs and the cricket powder, there are about 30g of protein per serving!!!  
  • If you haven't seen the change already, we are now offering $6.00 flat rate shipping anywhere in the U.S. for powder and FREE delivery service if you're in the Burlington, VT area!
  • We've also added two new pages to our website: Cricket Powder FAQ and Testimonials.  We include the FAQ document with all of our orders; however, we thought it might be useful to have it right there on the website.  The Testimonials page is still a work in progress as we're compiling some of our feedback but we are loving hearing from you so keep it coming!
  • Although, it isn't listed as a product in our Shop quite yet, we are selling whole, frozen crickets!  If you would like to place an order, please contact us so that we may assist you!  We are compiling some recipes involving whole crickets now and will be posting those soon.

Thanks for reading and we hope you all have a great start to February!  

~ The Tomorrow's Harvest Team 

PROTEIN POWDER LAUNCH: Pre-Sale Promotion (20% OFF)


We are so excited to launch our first batch of Tomorrow's Harvest Protein Powder, today!  We are currently running a pre-sale promotion for 20% off your order with code, NO CODE NEEDED.  There is limited inventory in our first batch as we are still ramping up production.  Any pre-sale orders will ship in approximately 6 weeks (just in time for Holiday gift-giving!).  

It took us a bit longer to launch this product than we had planned but, it was really important to us to produce a protein powder that was the right flavor, had the right aroma, was the right color and had the right consistency that we were striving for.  Why so picky?  Well, we really want this product to be extremely versatile.  We want you to be able to add a scoop to your smoothie or use it in your favorite recipes to increase the protein and nutrients.  

A quick summary of the benefits of Tomorrow's Harvest Protein Powder:

  • Versatility: add it to pretty much anything to increase your protein and nutrients intake 
  • Purity: It is made with ONE ingredient: organically-raised, human-grade crickets.  There are NO preservatives, artificial/modified ingredients, additives, sugar, soy...or anything else besides crickets. 
  • Nutrient Density: Yes, the protein is the most prominent benefit of crickets; however, they are also a truly great source of vitamin B-12, calcium, omegas and iron... without the carbs or sugar.  
  • Sustainability: If you're here, you're probably already aware that crickets are a much more sustainable form of protein than traditional livestock (if you want more information, head to our 'Why Crickets?' page). So, even if you decrease your beef consumption by one meal per week and instead, have some cricket protein, you're making both your body and your planet very, very happy.  

The question on everyone's mind: But, what does it taste like?!  Well, it is a common opinion that cricket powder has a slightly nutty flavor and aroma and we agree.  It is both mild in scent and flavor which are two factors that make it so versatile!  But, taste is subjective so we invite you to try it for yourself!  

So, head on over to our 'Shop' to take advantage of the pre-sale promotion!  We will also be adding Whole Frozen Crickets to the Shop, soon.  You'll be able to use them in recipes or munch on them as a salty or spicy "bar snack"... basically, let your culinary creativity take over! 

Thanks for reading and, as always, reach out with any questions!

Have a great weekend - 

The Tomorrow's Harvest Team 


Update From The Farm

Hello and happy Fall (especially to all of us enjoying the beautiful New England foliage!).  We have been busier than EVER over here at the Farm.  First off, I hope everyone received their "perks" from your fundraiser campaign contributions!  If you didn't, please shoot us an email so that we can track it down as all perks were mailed out last week and should be arriving any day now!  Thank you all again for your generosity, support and patience! 

Secondly, we intend to post more regular content related to healthy recipes, fitness and environmental preservation. Both my husband, Steve (aka, the Farmer) and I have always been very health conscious people and have always tried to commit to daily exercise and eating healthy, REAL food. After all, this is why we started this business: to provide a sustainable protein that can build and repair our bodies without containing anything additional that we don't need.  Now, cricket protein smoothies and muffins are consumed daily in our house! Trust me when I say, it feels so good to know that after a good workout, we are nourishing our muscles with a protein that is safe (for us and the Earth), clean, organic, non-GMO, pure and delicious! That's why we want to share recipes, fitness tips and exercises, as well as general wellness tidbits along the way. In posting this content, we hope to give you some delicious ideas on how to incorporate cricket powder into your diet AND possibly inspire you to incorporate some additional healthy habits into your lifestyle that can better your body and the environment, too!  Keep an eye out on our social media pages and this blog space for more to come! 

Finally, we are so excited to let you know that we are going to be launching our very own Tomorrow's Harvest Protein Powder soon!  Right now, we are in the final stages of testing and are working to finish up all regulatory compliances.  We have begun processing and packaging our first half pound batches this week!  That's right, we do everything from start to finish right here, at the Farm: raising the crickets, humanely harvesting, processing the powder and the packaging!  We will continue to update you as we get closer to our launch.... a 20% pre-sale order discount will be announced!     

Thanks to everyone for your continued support and please don't forget to check out our latest recipe, Sugarless Pumpkin Protein Muffins... it's the PERFECT snack for kids, too!

The Half Way Mark!

Hey there, friends!  Just a quick update on what we've been up to lately...

So, we're officially half way through our fundraising campaign.  We've raised almost $4,000 via 66 contributions in 30 days.  Yes, we are still very far away from our $70,000 goal; however, we're thrilled with the progress we're making and the number of contributors we've had.  EVERY SINGLE CONTRIBUTION COUNTS and we are so very appreciative of your support!  

Over the past 30 days, we've hosted a launch event, had a segment on the local (New England) news, met with students and teachers from local Universities, conducted cooking and education classes and, of course, had many exciting conversations with our future customers, partners and current supporters.  Next on the agenda is the Farmer's Market at the University of Vermont!  We'll post it to our events page so keep a look out.  It's been a busy month already and it's only getting busier -- which is amazing!

If you haven't visited our Indiegogo Fundraising Page yet, please click here! We've got a quick video on there that gives you a good idea of who we are and why we're on this mission.  Speaking of the video...  fun fact: it took us about 4 hours to shoot 4 useable minutes of footage! No joke.  We are clearly not cut out for Hollywood.  We did have a pretty good time making it though! If you want to see how UN-Hollywood we are, take a peek at our Outtakes Clip, below!  

We'll be sure to update you again soon.  Until then, thank you for your support and please reach out to us with any questions/comments/suggestions!  We are always happy to hear from you!

Have a great weekend!

The Tomorrow's Harvest Team 

Bonded By Bugs

Hi!  We've been busy as ever over here!  All of our time has been spent organizing our Launch and Fundraising Party, refining our plan for the farm space, talking with our wonderful collaborators and future customers... and of course... cooking with, baking with and eating crickets.  

The party is booked for September 24th in Vermont.  We will be updating our Events page with the information once details are finalized so stay tuned!  

Our kitchen has been a test facility for a lot of different recipes involving whole crickets and cricket powder.  Most everything (so far) has come out delicious!  We are especially loving our chocolate chip cookies and our homemade bread -- both packed with protein.  Our family and friends are huge fans of the recipes we've produced so far (especially because they can't see or taste the actual crickets).  However, we did ask some family to go outside of their comfort zone one night, by tasting whole, roasted crickets.  Of course, this involved a lot of screaming, laughing and cocktails...  it's really the only way to have a cricket tasting party! ;)  We are so proud of everyone for taking the plunge and joining us in the world of entomophagy!  If you're ever hosting a party and need an ice-breaker, just bust out some wine and crickets.  See for yourself...

I laugh every single time I watch this!  Hope you enjoyed and if you DO decide to throw a cricket tasting party, let us know!

Tomorrow's Harvest Team 

A Mid-Summer Update

Hi Everyone!  It's been a couple of months since we launched our website and to say we've been busy is a slight understatement.  So, we want to share with you some of the things we've been doing and working on!

A Little Website Development:  Obviously, if you're reading this, you've probably checked out the most recent updates to our website.  We've added a few information-packed pages since the original launch and some graphics that illustrate some of the most important benefits of incorporating crickets into our diets.  The graphics are on the front page and on the "Why Crickets?" page (and if you haven't checked out the "Why Crickets?" page yet, please do!  We've added two videos from our friends at AsapScience and they are both informative and VERY entertaining)!

Perfecting Our Acting Skills:  In late June, we shot a 4 minute video that we will use on our fundraising page and will also put on our website and social media pages.  The video was shot at our home by Vermont Event Video and took about 3 hours.  I know... 3 hours for a 4 minute final product... but, when you have a 2 year old, a 3 month old and a dog to work with (not to mention 2 adults that can't get through one take without laughing at each other - yup, us) it's a process, to say the least.  It was important to us to have the video shot at our home, with our family since that is the whole foundation of our business.  And, who better to explain our mission than us?  (Trust me, we would have much rather hired some talented actors, but in the essence of saving money and be authentic, we took one for the team).  We think you'll enjoy the final product and it will be available for viewing, soon.  Stay tuned!

Party Planning: We are hoping to kick off our 30 day fundraiser at the end of August with a party in Burlington, Vermont.  We've been searching for the perfect venue and have a narrowed it down to a couple of potential choices.  We want this to be a chance to introduce ourselves in person and to have the opportunity to discuss our business and mission.  The event details will be posted on our website and social pages but if you're local and want to come, please send us an email and we will send you a personal invitation to make sure you get all the important info!

Designing: A lot of our time has also been spent designing some additional marketing materials like t-shirts, brochures, business cards, etc.  We want to have some cool items to give you in exchange for a contribution to our business and you'll get a sneak peak at them soon.  

Cricket Farming: Oh yeah.. and let's not forget about the crickets!  My husband, Steve (The Cricket Master), has been perfecting his farming craft and is continuously evolving his methods of feeding and housing the crickets.  We are on a mission to not just raise and harvest crickets, but to do it in the cleanest, healthiest, most efficient way possible.  

Life: In between cricket farming, business-building and party planning, we've been working a day job, raising 2 kids and a dog, attending weddings, throwing birthday parties and having fun along the way.  

So, that's the update for now.  We have a busy month ahead as we're trying to get our fundraiser launched in a few weeks and have a lot to do before then!  We'll keep you posted as things progress but please feel free to reach out to us with any comments/questions!  We hope you're enjoying your summer and thanks for stopping by!

The Tomorrow's Harvest Team 


Hey there!  Welcome to our very first blog post.  In this space, we intend to provide updates on everything from the status of our business (since we are just starting out), our product, services and generally how things are going!  We also have some pretty cute kids so you may find them popping up here and there in the blog.  We can't help it... we love our crickets but our kids are way better looking!

So, where are we at as of today?  Well, you're here, so you know we have a website!  Most likely, you've stumbled here by accident....but, we're glad you did!  The homepage is a bit bland as we are in the midst of getting our actual logo designed this week (very exciting)!  We have also found a space that we're intending to lease in August.  Of course, before we get there, we need to launch our fundraising campaign and are expecting to do so in the beginning of July.  We're planning to have a party to launch our campaign so keep an eye out on our 'Events' page to know when and where it will be.... we'd love to have you there!  

In the meantime, we're busy maintaining our existing (smaller) cricket farm and perfecting our craft (which is going very well, by the way).  Where is our existing farm (you may be wondering)?  Glad you asked... it's in our garage.  Yes, we have thousands and thousands of healthy, organic crickets being farmed in our two-car garage.  Well, actually, our crickets are being kept in a manufactured, insulated, heat-controlled unit within the garage in order to provide the most optimal farming conditions.  Don't worry, we'll be posting some pictures soon so you'll get a visual!  I know...a startup deriving from a garage... so cliche, right?! I mean, what do we think we are, a rock band?  Maybe... but hey, you've got to start somewhere.  The farmer (my husband, Steve) decided this was the best place to start in order to really learn the best techniques for raising the best food grade crickets...and has been doing so for a year.

Well, that's our update for now.  We've got a lot of work to do before our launch party so stay tuned for more updates and keep in touch!  We'd love to receive any comments, questions and/or general feedback!  

Thanks for reading!

Tomorrow's Harvest Team (Steve, Jen, Cole, Stella & Luna)