Hey there!  Welcome to our very first blog post.  In this space, we intend to provide updates on everything from the status of our business (since we are just starting out), our product, services and generally how things are going!  We also have some pretty cute kids so you may find them popping up here and there in the blog.  We can't help it... we love our crickets but our kids are way better looking!

So, where are we at as of today?  Well, you're here, so you know we have a website!  Most likely, you've stumbled here by accident....but, we're glad you did!  The homepage is a bit bland as we are in the midst of getting our actual logo designed this week (very exciting)!  We have also found a space that we're intending to lease in August.  Of course, before we get there, we need to launch our fundraising campaign and are expecting to do so in the beginning of July.  We're planning to have a party to launch our campaign so keep an eye out on our 'Events' page to know when and where it will be.... we'd love to have you there!  

In the meantime, we're busy maintaining our existing (smaller) cricket farm and perfecting our craft (which is going very well, by the way).  Where is our existing farm (you may be wondering)?  Glad you asked... it's in our garage.  Yes, we have thousands and thousands of healthy, organic crickets being farmed in our two-car garage.  Well, actually, our crickets are being kept in a manufactured, insulated, heat-controlled unit within the garage in order to provide the most optimal farming conditions.  Don't worry, we'll be posting some pictures soon so you'll get a visual!  I know...a startup deriving from a garage... so cliche, right?! I mean, what do we think we are, a rock band?  Maybe... but hey, you've got to start somewhere.  The farmer (my husband, Steve) decided this was the best place to start in order to really learn the best techniques for raising the best food grade crickets...and has been doing so for a year.

Well, that's our update for now.  We've got a lot of work to do before our launch party so stay tuned for more updates and keep in touch!  We'd love to receive any comments, questions and/or general feedback!  

Thanks for reading!

Tomorrow's Harvest Team (Steve, Jen, Cole, Stella & Luna)