Bonded By Bugs

Hi!  We've been busy as ever over here!  All of our time has been spent organizing our Launch and Fundraising Party, refining our plan for the farm space, talking with our wonderful collaborators and future customers... and of course... cooking with, baking with and eating crickets.  

The party is booked for September 24th in Vermont.  We will be updating our Events page with the information once details are finalized so stay tuned!  

Our kitchen has been a test facility for a lot of different recipes involving whole crickets and cricket powder.  Most everything (so far) has come out delicious!  We are especially loving our chocolate chip cookies and our homemade bread -- both packed with protein.  Our family and friends are huge fans of the recipes we've produced so far (especially because they can't see or taste the actual crickets).  However, we did ask some family to go outside of their comfort zone one night, by tasting whole, roasted crickets.  Of course, this involved a lot of screaming, laughing and cocktails...  it's really the only way to have a cricket tasting party! ;)  We are so proud of everyone for taking the plunge and joining us in the world of entomophagy!  If you're ever hosting a party and need an ice-breaker, just bust out some wine and crickets.  See for yourself...

I laugh every single time I watch this!  Hope you enjoyed and if you DO decide to throw a cricket tasting party, let us know!

Tomorrow's Harvest Team