PROTEIN POWDER LAUNCH: Pre-Sale Promotion (20% OFF)


We are so excited to launch our first batch of Tomorrow's Harvest Protein Powder, today!  We are currently running a pre-sale promotion for 20% off your order with code, NO CODE NEEDED.  There is limited inventory in our first batch as we are still ramping up production.  Any pre-sale orders will ship in approximately 6 weeks (just in time for Holiday gift-giving!).  

It took us a bit longer to launch this product than we had planned but, it was really important to us to produce a protein powder that was the right flavor, had the right aroma, was the right color and had the right consistency that we were striving for.  Why so picky?  Well, we really want this product to be extremely versatile.  We want you to be able to add a scoop to your smoothie or use it in your favorite recipes to increase the protein and nutrients.  

A quick summary of the benefits of Tomorrow's Harvest Protein Powder:

  • Versatility: add it to pretty much anything to increase your protein and nutrients intake 
  • Purity: It is made with ONE ingredient: organically-raised, human-grade crickets.  There are NO preservatives, artificial/modified ingredients, additives, sugar, soy...or anything else besides crickets. 
  • Nutrient Density: Yes, the protein is the most prominent benefit of crickets; however, they are also a truly great source of vitamin B-12, calcium, omegas and iron... without the carbs or sugar.  
  • Sustainability: If you're here, you're probably already aware that crickets are a much more sustainable form of protein than traditional livestock (if you want more information, head to our 'Why Crickets?' page). So, even if you decrease your beef consumption by one meal per week and instead, have some cricket protein, you're making both your body and your planet very, very happy.  

The question on everyone's mind: But, what does it taste like?!  Well, it is a common opinion that cricket powder has a slightly nutty flavor and aroma and we agree.  It is both mild in scent and flavor which are two factors that make it so versatile!  But, taste is subjective so we invite you to try it for yourself!  

So, head on over to our 'Shop' to take advantage of the pre-sale promotion!  We will also be adding Whole Frozen Crickets to the Shop, soon.  You'll be able to use them in recipes or munch on them as a salty or spicy "bar snack"... basically, let your culinary creativity take over! 

Thanks for reading and, as always, reach out with any questions!

Have a great weekend - 

The Tomorrow's Harvest Team